Electric bus

To react on climate change and aim at eliminating dependency on fossil-fuels, bus manufacturers have promoted electric bus to the market. Respectively, TRION has promoted the solution with high-tech feeling for electric bus, which includes products ADAS, IIC (integrated intelligent cockpit), Multiplexing system, Air pump, DVR etc.

-- ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System, state of art innovation, effectively preventing traffic accidents caused by drivers' drowsiness, distraction and misjudgement, accompanying your safe driving by offering FCW (Forward Collision Warning) and LDW (Lane Departure Warning), and for safe driving only.

-- DVR: Digital Video Recorder, a comprehensive professional fleet management solution, to manage fleet, to provide evidence of traffic accident, theft, incicent, emergency situation etc, and also regulation compliance. With WIFI/3G/4G/GPS and poweful performance, even remote management is possible: remote video downloading, SW upgrading, real-time video, GPS track etc.

-- Smoke and Temperature alarm system: consists of smoke detector, temperature sensor and master unit, to alert in case of special gas through air quality change and overheat of engine, gas storage tank and so on. Low power consumption, high anti-jamming ability, rapid response and high adaptive ability.

-- Security Patrol system: when the key is off or unplugged, patrol system will indicate the driver or stuff by sending voice message on the school bus to patrol the carriage, to make sure all the school kids have got off the bus. Also under alarm situation, patrol system will shut down the power of door pump to prevent the door from being closed until alarm will be cleared.

-- Multiplexing system: Multiplexing, is a method for transferring data among distributed electronic modules via a serial data bus. It reduces the wiring loom and removing the fuse boxes, relays and the associated cabling systems, cable trays, fixing system and other wiring accessories, multiplexing simplifies the vehicle's electronics, whilst at the same time allowing functionality and control that was unheard of by using 'traditional' systems. Our multiplexing system can control & monitor a wide range of electrical functions, its modular design makes modifications easy to perform and reliable in use.

-- IIC: Intelligent Integrated Cockpit, Integrated CAN multiplexing instrument and switch to simplify design and installation, reserved information system space which enables various personalization, modularized design with versatile functions, selectable multi-function and lighter steering wheel to deliver convenient driving experience, optimized overall structure, more space on driver’s knee

-- AVM 360° System: 360° Seamless Stitching, Panoramic Image Synthesis and FHD image, 360° Vision System is your driving safe-guard to prevent potential dangers hidden among blind areas, detect tendency of being scratched in narrow roads, eliminate vague boundary of responsibilities in rear-end collision 

Multiplexing system
Intelligent Integrated Cockpit(IIC)
Smoke and Temperature alarm system
Security Patrol system
AVM 360 System